Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Changes

Builder grade white appliances.  Ugh.  I don't like them very much.  Little by little we have been changing them out for stainless (when the budget allows).  Our range hood was one of those white appliances that I wanted to change.  I would love to have a microwave/hood combo, but I can't find one to fit the space.  Our cabinets over the stove are a one piece unit, and the center cabinet isn't very high.  So a microwave would be VERY low.

But I didn't want to purchase a stainless steel hood.  Just too pricey for what you get (in my opinion).  But I knew I could update the one we had.

Gotta love spray paint!!

I figured for the cost of a can of spray paint ($4.98) I could make the range hood match the other appliances and not be such an eye sore.
I took disconnected and took down the hood.

I taped off the electrical, exhaust fan, and the stickers (with all the legal/code/electrical stuff) so that wouldn't get covered with paint.

A couple of coats and it was looking pretty good.

A little Before and After.
No, it's not a huge difference but I love it!
I didn't prime before painting, so I hope that it will hold up well to cleaning.  We'll see.
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