Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Mantel

Fall is finally here!  Well, at least the calendar says so.  I live in Florida.  So I will just have to pretend there is a chill in the air and that the leaves on the trees are changing colors.

I love fall decor.  I couldn't wait to get out my decorations.  Don't you just love going through the decorations from years past and deciding how to mix things up!  I do.  Never the same decor around here!

I loved the little candy corns that my daughter and I made last year.  They are so cute!! And look great with all the other fall decorations.  The pallet wood is just leaning up against the wall.  

This wood sign took just a few minutes.  I painted a scrap piece of wood with multiple "fall colored" craft paints.  Didn't even wait for them to dry before I put on another color.  I used Mod Podge to adhere some scrapbook letters to the scrap wood after the paint was dry.

The bunting was just some twine and scrapbook paper.  I chose some that went with the decor.  A little craft glue and it was good to go!

Happy Fall Y'all

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