Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chevron Side Table

So I know, I'm late to the chevron party...Whatever.  It's super cute. I hope it is a trend that stays around for a LONG time!
I picked up this little beauty for $25.  I knew I could help her out with a little paint!

Ta Da!!

I removed the dated moulding around the bottom.  It had that awesome 1990's shell design.  My husband really disliked the shell.  So, popped that off and added a 6 inch baseboard.  Basic, but
The top was scratched up pretty bad.  So, I knew painting was the way to go.
And I didn't want to sand it down, so I tried out this primer. 

So far so good!
No I just have to find a home for this beauty!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Little Chalkboard Love

So I was looking around on Pinterest one night, and I came across a little chalkboard made from an  old cabinet door.  Loved. It.
But, I didn't have an old cabinet door.  And I didn't want to purchase one. I do have lots of scrap wood and trim in my stash....sooooo.  With a little paint, trim and wood glue.
Ta Da!!
I love how it looks in my small Valentine's Day vignette

I can't wait to change it out with different sayings.
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