Friday, November 9, 2012

Guest/Kids Bathroom Remodel...started

I finally had enough!  Enough of towels being tossed on the floor willy nilly!!!

Ignore the unmade bed...this is my 6 year old's  bed.  I am lucky that the drawers are all closed {well mostly}.

So, that led to this...

Ummm, yeah. 

I just wanted to originally add three hooks (one for each kid) in the bathroom.  But just taking down the one towel bar {that was oh so useful!}  and adding the hooks isn't any fun.  Am, I right??  I mean, come on!

Board and batten behind those hooks would look sooooo much better, right?!?  And then of course, if I am putting up board and batten the builder grade mirror needed to be framed out.  And because my walls have texture, I decided to skim coat them smooth to make the board and batten look more realistic.  Yeah, I could have just painted the wall white, and I actually did in our kitchen eating area where I added board and batten, but the texture has always bugged me.  So, now I have a dusty mess.

And it may be weeks before the hooks actually make it up on the wall.  But I am loving the look already!

I think it will be a big change from this...
Can't wait :)

But, I have run into one problem that I would love some advice on.  I didn't buy enough 1x4's and had to put two pieces together to make the left side frame of the mirror.  So far, they are just dry fitted in and I can caulk them when they are up.  I am just trying to decide if it is noticeable or not.  I hate to go buy more wood and wait for it to be primed and painted...hey, I am impatient!  But, I don't want it to look wrong either.  So, let me know what you think!!

Look close (it didn't photograph well).  Just about at the base of the medicine cabinet it where the two pieces of wood meet. 

I do like how the moulding on the top part of the frame is turning out though!!  Yes.
A work in progress....All over some wet towels on the floor.  Ooops!

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