Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family Command Center

Along with the shoe/backpack bench that I built in our laundry room, I knew I needed some sort of "Command Center".  3 kids + 3 sets of homework + 3 soccer teams = chaos!  So, in trying to keep that chaos somewhat organized I started pinning ideas of other family command centers.

I came across this

and this

and finally this

I especially love the sayings across the top!  I love the idea of the kids reading something inspiring on the way out the door.  LOVE IT!

I have a long wall space inside our laundry room that was perfect for our command center.  Except there was one huge eyesore problem...

THIS UGLY BOX!! Right in the middle of the wall...ummm thanks, Mr. Builder. 

And not only was it in the middle of the wall...it is BIG!  So, I have to cover it up.  Which makes some of the pretty ideas I had pinned just not possible :(

I decided to try adding some pizazz to the room by painting wide horizontal stripes first.

Looking better already!  18.5 inches are the height of these stripes.  I have 5 stripes total {3 light colored and 2 darker}  The lighter color will be the wall color on the other three walls eventually.  It is Oatbran by Valspar and the darker color is the next color on the paint chip. 

I installed basic hinges on a large cork board.  Look no more big ugly box {but we can still access it if we have to!}

I added three magazine racks along side for each kids' papers/homework/class notes.  I wanted something cuter, but as it is 20+ miles to the nearest TJ's, Hobby Lobby, or Target...I had to use what I had. 

I think they will do!

I added labels on them, so there is no confusion as to who's box it is.  Walmart had these great little name tag holders and clips that made adding a label EASY!!

 I also needed a dry erase board to make my lists.  And of course someplace cute to hold the markers and eraser!!  :)

I am thinking of hanging my purse right under the dry erase board.  What do you think??? The door to the garage is just to the left, and that is the door I use 90% of the time.

Finally, I added some pretty things LOVE

So here it is in all it's FINISHED glory...

It is SO hard to get a good picture, sorry.  The room is so long and narrow, I just couldn't find a good angle.  But you get the picture!!  I hope!

Glad to have another project finished.  Mark it off the list!!! 

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