Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Naked door no more! And a bonus. :)

I have never understood why our builder didn't finish out our doors and windows.  Well, not all of them anyways.  The windows only have a sill and trim under the sill.  I've fixed that on most.  But some of the doorways (the ones without doors...do you still call them doorways??) didn't have any kind of trim.  They have always looked naked to me. 

See...just plain old drywall.  Except mine isn't plain...it has texture! Oh yeah boo! :(

While browsing the blogs one day, I came upon this beauty...and ding, ding, ding...inspiration struck!

Pretty door casing! All done DIY and explained by Erin at The Charming Nest.

I could do this!  I can do this!  I am now in the middle of doing this...well, that part isn't so exciting.  But, I have finished out the casing on one door.  (Dining Room to Kitchen)

I am thrilled with it!!

I can't believe what a difference it makes.  It looks finished.  And the white trim work has brightened up my kitchen amazingly...bonus!

Detail shots.
Another angle, looking from the dining room back into the kitchen.  I didn't worry with getting paint or caulk on the walls because I am going to repaint...soon.
 The only thing I didn't do like Erin @ The Charming Nest is extend the top 1x2 and wrap the cove molding.  I think I will on the other doorways.  I am pretty sure it won't be noticeable that this doorway doesn't have that one small detail.

Did you notice that cute antique sign over the doorway??  Its. Not. Antique.  Or expensive.  I made it from a pre-cut 1x12.   I stained it Ebony by Minwax, cut out vinyl letters to use as a reverse stencil.  I placed them on the board.  Painted with some left over chalk paint in a cream color, sanded and hung it up!   4 foot wide art for less than $12?  Um...yes please!

 I purposefully chose a board with cracks and imperfections to make it look old.  Sanding down the sharp edges helps too.

I love it!  It isn't perfect...but for now it is DONE! 
And Done, is better than Perfect.  Always.
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